Mini Dirt Pit Bikes

A pit bike is an off road/on-road motorcycle initially used for navigating the proximity of a staging area or the pits of a motocross race. Since the early 2000s pit bike racing, a sport similar to motocross, has become popular in the states. Pit bikes are also used to navigate around a staging area in a motocross competition.

Pit Bike Racing

Pit bike racing is a competitive sport that is identical to motocross racing. Because of the motorbikes are more affordable less intimidating and easier to maintain compared to the full sized motor bikes, it is popular to the younger riders. Features such as a lower center of gravity due to the shorter wheel base and linear power delivery makes it easier for beginner riders therefore resulting in less accidents and injuries.

A normal pit bike contest consists of a number of different classes separated by bike types racing for a certain amount of laps around a track during 2 or more outings. The winner of the competition is determined by the highest average position of the event.

Different Types of Pit Bike Disciplines


Motocross is the most common area of pit bikes. Before motocross competitors participate in motocross competition, it is vital for them to upgrade their suspension from stock. With bumps throwing you as high as 10 feet, motocross has an extremely high probability of harm. It is essential to have knobby tires for any kind of dirt racing

Mini FMX

Mini FMX is basically a cross over between freestyle motocross and freestyle BMX. Most of the tricks performed in full sized motocross bikes can also be performed in the smaller pit bikes. Lots of Freestyle Motocross riders uses the  pit bikes to learn the back flip since it is  smaller, lighter and easier to control and therefore will not injure you much if you land incorrectly. Other BMX tricks such as the flat spin 360 can also be performed on Pit Bikes

Pit Park

Pit park could very well be the most recent area for pit bikes. Pit park initially began with folks riding about like BMXers and taking a pit bike to skateparks. Pit bikes are not allowed by most skateparks as the wood can be torn up by the torque. Concrete parks and alloy are the greatest for pit park. Knobby tires may nevertheless be used although glossy tires are favored. The risks are not different to BMX's harms.


Road riding includes navigating pavements and city streets, with their built-in challenges like curbs, ledges, stairs, and walls. Pir bike riders can perform bunny hops and grinding on these obstacles. Road can be dangerous, and in certain authorities pit bikes might not be street legal, or not permitted to work on pavements.


Stunt riding usually consists of stoppies, wheelies, and other variants on wheelies. Pit bikes may be utilized for stunting. Serious stunting will need many modifications to the bike such as pegs, other discretionary mods for example, an added lever over the clutch for the back brake  encase your right foot isn't covering the brake pedal. A 12 bar may be added to the subframe to be used in to prevent the motorcycle flipping.

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