Mini Choppers

Mini choppers are scaled-down variants of custom built bikes called choppers and are usually assembled from 1" steel tube or 3/4" steel black conduit. Conduit or the tube is welded together to get the wanted angles and contours of the framework, which is typically custom made and flexed.


Mini Choppers utilizes a wide range of engines although it mostly is equipped with Briggs &Stratton or Tecumseh horizontal shaft industrial engine with a non-tapered shaft. Other engines contain power sport engines and mini motorcycle engines including dirt bike and ATV engines. Some kind of transmission must also be utilized to implement electricity to the back wheel if an industrial engine is used. Centrifugal clutches, which enable the engine to idle without transferring the chopper, are additionally used they result in a fixed gear ratio for both higher rate operation and low. But many people choose to make a jackshaft, allowing the builder to alter which side the axle sprocket is or to alter the gear ratio to his liking on.


Miniature choppers frequently use moped or bicycle rims and tires on front and big pneumatic tires in the back. Generally 205/50-10 design tires or golf cart wheels are used in the rear. Something is additionally needed by the back to let the wheel spin, where the axle comes in and that is. There are two kinds of axle arrangements a dead axle along with a live.



A live axle may be the most typical axle set up used on miniature choppers. The "live" term signals the axle spins in addition to the wheel, sprocket, and other bits anchored to the axle. Bearings are mounted to the swing arm framework since the axle spins. It is an extremely straightforward axle set up, and parts are relatively simple to modify. Bushings which are cut to the desired span can also separate the elements. Since the axle spins, sprocket parts, brake, and the wheel have to be locked to the axle.


Instead of a "live" axle, where the axle whirls in addition to the wheel, this axle will not spin. Hub or the wheel has built in bearings to permit it to whirl. Determined by the set up, all spinning parts are connected to the rim or to the hub itself. Hub and the bearings spin on the axle. This is actually the kind of set up which is used on most bikes. Frequently, the axle is added into slotted dropouts as well as the chain is fixed by moving the wheel forward or backwards within the slots. In addition, there are other advantages to this form of axle, for example, likelihood of a back axle place that is cleaner and much more appealing, yet this set up is frequently more costly when compared to a live axle and custom components are a whole lot harder to find.

Custom Parts

Custom components are what make choppers artwork, whether coming up with a brand new framework layout or thinking out side the box and using a car rim for the back. Many builders construct their particular gas tanks which are much like full size bike gas tanks, but scaled down to fit the motorcycles. Sheet metal components including laser cut gussets are additionally used as accent pieces on the motorcycle. The want would be to create a personal piece of mechanical art.


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