KX100 Kawasaki Review


The Kawasaki KX100 is a big step to the progression of mini dirt bikes for any young motocrosser who is ready to put more seat time prior to jumping on larger motorcycles. The new KX100 provides the best combination of proportional power increase as well as a physically bigger chassis for a much smoother learning curve to prepare them for the larger motorcycles.

Two Stroke, Liquid Cooled One Cylinder 99cc Engine

It features a liquid cooled two stroke engine that will deliver much more power than its predecessors. Thanks to the Kawasaki Integrated Power Valve System or KIPS, the low end torque is amplified significantly and smoothens the transition into its top end gear. Clear response from the throttle is also ensured through the 28mm Keihin carburettor and carbon fibre reed valve construction, while a long-lasting, easy shifting transmission provides the ratios that are perfect for handling any challenge on any terrain.

The KX100’s host of functionality and dependability enhancing changes begin in the very top of its very own capable engine. It features a newly design gasket for the cylinder head with an increase in 1mm bore surface height which is held in place with a dowel pin in order to increase engine reliability and prevent detonation. The KX’s long-lasting, Nikasil-plated cylinder also has a bigger exhaust port that’s optimally formed for better flow, enhancing peak power at wide open throttle. A new piston design that uses one piston ring, rather than two rings, to reduce cylinder wall friction for better engine response.

KX100 Engune

KX100 Keihin PWK Carburetor

Changes were justified by the power increase to keep the bold yet perfect power character of the KX100. The Keihin PWK carburettor sizing at 28mm obtains up-to-date jetting specs for smoother and enhanced fuel atomization fuel delivery through the power band that is improved. Further accentuating the midrange and higher end power is the KX100 revised Kawasaki Integrated Power-valve System KIPS with new separate valves for every interface that replace the last three piece valve layout, reducing care and additional improving reliability.

More durability developments are available in the KX’s crankshaft, which is now 83mm, 2mm bigger in relation to the last version, and features a just shaped resin block added to the crankshaft to close the gap around the machined place near the crank pin. The resin block reduces the amount of the bottom-end to increase intake transfer to hike power in addition to increasing rigidity and endurance. More power typically produces more heat, but the new radiator of the KX100 raises cooling system capacity by almost 52% to enhance engine life and decrease the likelihood of the engine from over heating from excessive use.


The six speed transmission provides positive and smooth shifting as well as extreme endurance thanks to its hard fork ends specially finished with chrome coating, a thick foundation on the clutch basket casing, and an added bushing on the input shaft.

Uni-Trak Rear Suspension

All the power upgrade installed in the KX100 will be useless if the suspension is not capable of holding it and transferring that power to the ground. However with the newly designed Uni-Trak Linkage shocked equipped with a KYB reservoir with a revise version of the KYB 36mm valving inverted fork will ensure that the KX100 remains on the ground, however rough it may be. The same as its big brothers, the KX100’s fork now features shim-kind valving and more solid damping for faster riders while also offering outstanding bottoming opposition, however a wide variety of adjustability enables it to be tailored for exact damping to fit an assortment of riding styles along with track conditions. Out back, the new shock’s black-anodized aluminum body is 150 grams lighter while a new clicker-kind adjuster makes fine tuning the rear suspension damping easy and quick.

Disc Brakes Rims and Tires

New petal-type brakes enhance stopping strength, also. 184mm back and the 220mm front rotors provide strong, efficient braking operation while the form of the petals helps clean the brake pads–a real plus in boggy conditions. The hose for the front brake has also been re routed to behind the axle for increased protection and utilizing the new hose guides, the same one that is equipped in the bigger KX models.The KX100 additionally wears new Dunlop Geomax MX51 tires will assist in supplying optimum traction over changing terrain and various riding situations.

Framework and Graphics

The KX100 elevated tensile steel outer frame is strengthened in crucial areas to keep Kawasaki’s infamous handling characteristics and works in perfect harmony with the more effective engine, improved suspension and more powerful brakes, but important ergonomics and styling shifts significantly enhance the KX’s entire feel and look. KX100’s 34.3″ tall seat height fits a wide range of growing inseams. The KX100 will house greater adjustability from its new higher handle bar, two position handlebar clamps and three position handlebar risers that will provide a whopping six handlebar position to provide better ergonomics to fit the riders comfort.

The KX100, additionally appears as quick as it runs, thanks to daring new factory racer styling that’s almost indistinguishable to the large KX versions. A fresh fuel tank with a 20mm lower fuel cap, side panels and slender radiator covers combine with a new, more level two-tone seat that has gripper material and a seamless cover to enhance increase passenger comfort and cockpit room. Number plate a new angular front fender and white rear fender not only mimics the large KXs, while new wraparound fork guards protect the inner fork tubes and seals, but the front fender also help reduce mud accumulation. The new brushed finish on the swingarm made from aluminium will keep the KX100 looks fresher and newer.

Finishing its factory-racer styling, the KX100 is finished off in black alumite coating on the rims and Kawasaki’s trademark lime green with eye catching detail appointments for example blue alumite coatings on the adjusters like Villopoto’s factory KX450F.

People who race their KX100 at designated events qualify for support from Team Green, Kawasaki’s amateur racing support system. For more than 30 years, Team

Green has supplied exceptionally trained technicians regional support vehicles and free technical support at over 100 annual events, offering technical advice and help to individuals who race Kawasaki products. Not only that, but Kawasaki will also offer a comprehensive contingency program for amateur riders as well as veterans who ranks at the top in racing events.

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