Coleman Mini Bike CT200U Review

Alright guys, it’s time for the long awaited review of the CT200U Coleman Mini Bike that will surely make you classical loving mini bike fellows throwing your wallets at the screen. The CT200U Coleman mini bike is a reasonably priced off-road/on-road mini bike that will bring nostalgia to grown-ups and provide kids with an adrenaline rush that will leave them wanting more! It is a bike that can be enjoyed by everyone of all ages. Its classical appearance and the unique sound that it produces will no doubt turn heads around when you or your family ride this beast along the street of your neighborhood. You and your family will be having tons of fun riding this bad boy.


The whole bike is small enough to go through places where other machines, such as ATVs, won’t fit. It is also light enough for you to lift, to go over obstacles and to put on the trunk of your pick up. Trust me I have taken this bike to places that I probably shouldn’t have. Bringing along this bike camping with you is perfect, it allows you to go explore the place and to bring back firewood.




The CT200U Coleman mini bike is an amazing mini bike for going on trails and off-roading. It can accommodate both adults and junior riders. When I got this bad boy home, first thing I realized was how well it was packaged. You have to do some work before it is rideable though, but don’t worry, these are really easy to do and they provide an amazing easy-to-follow, comprehensive guide inside. The package even comes with the tools you need! Below is a video for a pre-ride inspection



Once the package was fully opened and the bike was fully assembled, it’s hard not to realize how Coleman made the right decision to employ the classical look on this mini bike. It just looks astounding and unique. I feel like I was in a 80s movie riding this bike. The classical look along with the compact 196cc OVH 1 cylinder engine placed right below the seat and the two racks that is assembled on both ends of the bike is just the perfect mixture. I think Coleman really did a great job on optimizing the look, features and performance of the bike by applying the positive traits from previous bikes and modifying it for improvement. This particular Coleman Mini bike comes in two colours, Red and Camo.

Coleman Mini Bike

CT200U Coleman Mini Bike Technical Specifications:


Coleman mini Bike table


The first thing I did was starting the engine, and it’s hard to believe how easy it is to start the engine. First thing you need to do is put the fuel valve to the on position. If the engine is cold, put the choke lever into the on position as well. Afterwards, put the On/Off switch located on the handlebar to the on position. Pull the cord to start the engine. Wait for a few minutes until the engine is warm up and place the choke lever back to the off position. Then you ride or die. The CT200U Coleman mini bike has an amazing running engine that will generate a marvellous thundering jingle that will cause heads to turn as you pass by. The engine itself is a 196cc 6.5hp 4 stroke OVH engine that runs on 1 cylinder. It has a bore and stroke of 68 mm and 154.1mm respectively. The engine will provide you plenty of power that allows you to burn through the mountains and biking trails with minimal difficulty. The bike is able to tackle many terrains including mountains and hills and the deserts. We tried mini bike in Lake Roosevelt on the upper ridge of Four Peaks then back to ground again. We climbed up and down around an elevation of 4000 feet. Throughout this, the bike is able to maintain around 15-20mph while it is going uphill without it killing the engine. All this while having a 300lbs+ adult on top.


I tried to measure the top speed of this mini bike with an accurate speedometer that I have calibrated with my car prior to using it. I found that the top speed of the bike is around 24.6mph or 49kmh. Take into account that I have removed the Throttle control to increase the acceleration and the top speed. This takes us to another great feature that this mini bike have; the throttle control. The throttle control will allow you to increase or decrease the speed by adjusting it with the throttling screw. Lowering the top speed for your children to increase safety is one way to utilize this feature.


The CT200U Coleman mini bike does not come with any suspension. The bike relies heavily on the wide huge tires to soak up all the shocks from the road. It is vital to keep the air pressure at a recommended levels so it wouldn’t take as much of a beating. Don’t treat this bike as a motocross bike, use this bike how it is meant to be used and you will be very satisfied. Like I previously mentioned, Coleman gave this mini bike a weight limit of 200lb but the bike can take up a 300lb+ adult with ease and still keeping up with 100lb kids.



The 42”wide and 19”x7”-8” low pressure wheels equipped on this mini bike will provide a smooth ride over pavements and a comfortable ride when riding it on off-road or on trails. The wheels comes with large treads that will provide a big surface area for grip and it is thick enough for the wheels to be used for a long time. You will definitely will make use of the amazing grip the wheels provide when riding through difficult terrains. The front and rear tires have the same dimensions which allows you to interchange between the front and rear. The size of the wheels provides an easier control of the bike however it makes them a little harder to maneuver.

CT200U Wheels

Mini Bike Frame and Structure:

The Durable Cargo Rack placed in the front and rear of the bike is a great addition. It provides you a space for you to place your belongings as well as elevates the look of the bike, functional and beautiful. The sturdy metal frame will be able to withstand any rough situations that you put the bike through and will be long lasting. One issue I have the bike is that it lacks lights, both front and rear. But it is easy to accessorize the minibike with bicycle accessories. The seat is large but is not large enough for one adult person. It is kind of thing though and might hurt an adults' behind.


As far as fuel consumption, I do not have the data to give specifics, but I will describe from experience. I fill the fuel tank around 75% when I was at the bottom of the hill 11 miles from my base camp. When I arrived there, the fuel tank was still 1/3 full. From that I can estimate maybe the bike will go for about 30 miles for a fuel tank. Note that we did ride it uphill and will take up much more power. Bring a couple gallons of fuel to enjoy trail riding. One issue I had with the bike is the fuel cap, it is not properly sealed. When I fill the tank up to the brim and ride on bumpy roads some of the fuel will splash out. It will also happen when you try to lean the bike when the fuel level is touching the cap.

In case your bike is damage or you want to upgrade your bike for improving your riding experience, parts and services are readily available in Coleman Mini bike CT200U parts.


Overall, I think that the CT200U Coleman Mini Bike is the perfect bike and a good investment for families that likes to go out camping and do outdoors activities. If you are a beginner or a veteran to the world of mini bikes, this Coleman mini bike is an exciting choice that will provide you with endless fun and thrill during your outdoors adventure. STOP THINKING AND GET YOUR SELF A COLEMAN MINI BIKE!


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