Racing Suits

Racing suits are two piece coats or one piece suits and pants worn by motorcyclists primarily for protection in a crash. The leather isn't vogue leather but protective leather that's more powerful and thicker, and just somewhat flexible.currently the most popular leather used is that of a kangaroo because of its light weight and strength compared that of a cowhide.


Many of the racing suits today contains protective armor in the major impact regions such as elbows, hips, shoulders, knees and back. The European Standards for all these guardians are EN 1621-1:2007 and EN 1621-2:2003. Load spreaders and the energy absorbers -- built from high density foam, foam reinforced polymers, titanium, carbon fiber and other materials -- are made to prevent or reduce harm by dampening and distributing impact and shear strains to the wearer. By law, in Europe, armour has to get a CE symbol. Some motorbike jackets also has a built in air bag system that deploys in the event of an accident to protect vital body parts.

An option to leather is clothing built of manmade fabrics. These man made fabrics can offer the riders weather protection such as from rain and hot temperature through the built in holes and vents in the clothing. Common materials include high density with 600-1000 Denier such as Kevlar, ballistic nylon (e.g., Cordura) and Lycra.

Not all fabric clothing is created of artificial fabrics. Heavy weight was utilized for a long time before the creation of contemporary fabrics. Pants and fabric coats, analyzed and approved to European Standard EN 13595-1.

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