Mini Bike Helmets

The mini Bike Helmets is a protective head gear that is worn by mini bike riders. The purpose of the helmet is to defend the rider's head during impact, additionally a lot of helmets now provide a face protection feature as well. It is now compulsory to wear a helmet while riding any types of motorcycles in most countries

The motorcycle helmets are manufactured with two main layers, the hard shell and the soft shell. The hard shell works by distributing the impact energy caused by the accident over a larger area whereas the soft shell deforms and absorbs this energy to decrease the amount that will reach the skull.

Three major types of helmets are available, the full face, open face and the flip face. the open face helmet will protect all the head with the exception of the face. the full face helmets will protect your skull and will also provide protection for the face and the lower jaw as well. Obviously the full face helmet will provide more protection compared to the open face helmets. The flip helmets provides the best of both worlds, it will protect the face when needed and have a feature to open the face protection to allow easy breathing.

Studies have consistently shown that wearing a helmet:

Reduces harm and raises a rider's likelihood of surviving a crash
Does not cause neck injury
Does not impair hearing or vision

As with other protective gear, a brilliantly coloured helmet enhances the user's visibility.

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