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What are Mini Dirt Bikes?

Do not be vexed. There is a major difference between a mini bike and mini dirt bike, and also a distinction between mini bikes and mini dirt bikes. Understanding these differences is essential when you go into the motorcycle world. Both dirt bike and mini bike enthusiast will promptly correct you when you do not understand the difference.

The dirt bike has existed for a lot of decades, and out of mini bikes, mini choppers, pocket bikes, and dirt bikes, it's been around the longest. These motorcycles were meant to be used in rough terrain - and they were constructed to take a lot of maltreatment. These motorcycles are generally raced on extreme race tracks that contain obstructions and difficult jumps.

The next one that came were the mini bikes. These motorcycles are miniatures of full sized road motorcycles, they were initially meant for children between the ages of 9 and 12. However, these motorcycles caught on with adults and older children, and are made to support more weight - with faster speeds and more power.

Subsequently the mini dirt bike came. Offering the very best of two worlds, the mini dirt bikes are a tiny variant of the standard dirt bike. Again, it's not unsuitable for children, but mini dirt bikes are made for grownups - offering more power and speed, and to support added weight and speed. It is often that mini dirt bike are used to race in moto sports, the go on both paved tracks and trail courses that consists of multiple jumps and obstacles.

It is important when you talk to bike enthusiasts that you know about your bikes, whether it is mini bikes, mini dirt bikes or your traditional dirt bikes, do not get these bikes mixed up or you might get a lecture. For such a tiny toy looking bike, for many adults this is very serious business. To learn more about the different types of bikes click here.


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